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Active Fire Management System

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Active Fire Management System [A-FMS]

A-FMS (Active fire management system) in Rack is excellent in constructability and economic feasibility. Groove joint method and seismic design are applied to the flush sidewall sprinkler head that is not damaged by earthquake/impact and opens under any circumstances at a set temperature. It is a specialized system that prevents fire when activated, consisting of a moisture detection system that can check leaks and ignition points due to damage.

Active Fire Management System Expected Effects

Quick Response
To Fire

Water is sprayed immediately after fire detection
Alarm and location provided when water is sprayed

Direct Access
To Fire

No human loss due to direct access to fire as sprinklers installed inside the rack operate
AFMS Prevention of Spread

Prevention of spread by intensive spraying in the fire area
Immediate initial response after locating

Management Efficiency of AFMS

Semi-permanent use with CPVC piping material
Combination of moisture detection system to prevent leakage

Active Fire Management System Information

Moisture Detection Sensor
Vertical Piping
Groove Joint
Sprinkler Spraying

Active Fire Management System Patents

Patent No. 10-1978745
Patent No. 20-0492692

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