Our challenges will lead to a new value
and an innovative future.

CEO’s Greeting

Msolution will leap forward as a company
that takes root in the world beyond Korea.



Client First


Challenge Spirit


Best Technology
Hello! I'm Hee Sub Jung, the CEO of Msolution.

Msolution has walked the single path of secondary battery disaster prevention solutions.
In 2007, before secondary batteries received such attention, efforts to reduce the fire risk in the production process of secondary batteries began to develop, and the first fire detection system dedicated to secondary batteries was developed.
We have continuously developed various and reliable disaster prevention solutions.

A small step that started in Cheongju, Korea crosses the Yellow Sea and
into mainland China!! Across the Pacific Ocean to America!! Across the Atlantic Ocean to Europe!!
The Stage has expanded all over the world.

Thanks to the trust of our clients, we have gained a strong credibility that clients who have established a relationship will always come back.

We will not be complacent. We will work harder and more diligently.
As we have done so far, we will faithfully prepare for the future and take on a "Challenge for the world".
CEO Hee Sub, Jung