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Future Growth Potential

We are striving to research and develop solutions to accommodate the needs of clients
for solutions in each field with expertise and to tailor them appropriately.

Msolution's R&D creates endless innovation with unique ideas.

Based on continuous R&D development, we are cultivating talented people with expertise to develop technological competitiveness that can accommodate client needs and tailor them appropriately. We will develop innovative fire prevention solutions and lead Msolution into a global company.

R&D Portfolio

Temperature Detect System
Considering the characteristics of a pack module loaded with a large amount of battery cells, the risk can be reduced by shipping a pack module that changes in temperature. “TDS” is a temperature detection system specialized for the pack module process that enables real-time temperature monitoring, generates an alarm according to the temperature increase or set temperature value, and supports various functions such as communication with higher level facilities.
ESS Fire Prevention System
This system maximizes cooling performance by immersing the Novec 1230 fire extinguishing agent into the battery. As a solution optimized for medium and large-sized ESS, it is possible to maximize cooling and directly and continuously respond to fires by circulating fire extinguishing agents using a pump in case of fire. There is a separate storage tank for the Novec 1230 agent to provide a continuous supply of extinguishing agent in the event of a fire.
Moisture Detect Sensor
The need for a system to improve the possibility of leakage due to the inability to determine the location of ignition, which is a weakness of the existing in-rack system installed in the aging rack, and the breakage of the glass bulb in the sprinkler, is emerging. Through the sensor, it is possible to detect moisture in case of fire or water leakage, check the temperature and check the disconnection through the customized S/W.