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Fire Management System

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Fire Management System [FMS]

FMS is a system to prevent spread by suppressing ignition points before ignition of the entire plant by introducing a preemptive response system specialized for battery plant FORMATION.
In order to operate the FMS injection system in case of a system error or communication error, an emergency switch system is built into the S/Crane control panel to control the FMS controller regardless of the original system to implement a redundant system to enable forced injection in the field.

Fire Management System Expected Effects

Initial Reaction

Quick response using S/Crane
Automatic injection through flame detector in case of fire

FMS Prevention of

Fire prevention work with fire extinguishing nozzle on S/Crane
Extinguishment by spraying through Cableveyor
Effects of
FMS Method

Low price compared to other extinguishing systems
No damage to the operation system when using extinguishing liquid or NOVEC1230
Efficiency of FMS

Prevent accidental injection by installing CCTV
Real-time check and equipment control through monitoring

Fire Management System Information

FMS Detail Image

Example of S/Crane Fire Spray

S/Crane Internal Spraying

S/Crane Rack Spraying

Fire Management System Patents

Patent No. 10-1975260

Patent No. 10-1975264

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